Hi-Low Dresses

Have you joined the hi-low dress craze? It goes by other names and spellings as well: high-low, dip hem, or asymmetrical.  It’s where the dress takes a dramatic “dip” in the back resulting in a hem that extends to your calves or ankles, while the front hem can vary anywhere from right above your knees or mid-calf length.  Sounds pretty radical, but it’s actually quite a lovely and flattering look for plus-sized gals.  The hi-low dress drapes similar to the maxi dress, but with a bit of flirtiness with the raised front hem to show off gorgeous legs.

From left to right

Plus Size Dress, Short Sleeve Colorblocked High Low Maxi

Plus Size Colorblock High/Low Hem Dress by Denim 24/7

Plus Size High Low Hem Dress

Although it may seem that the hi-low dress is a new concept, you can actually see this trend in Flamenco dresses with their colourful, cascading ruffles and adorning long trains. Remove the ruffles and the pomp and circumstance and you have the modern day hi-low dress!

Depending on the cut and style of the dress and the occasion in which you will wear it, you can style a hi-low dress very casually or glam it up. Even girls in school have hopped on the hi-low dress bandwagon for school dances.

Just like the maxi dress, you can wear the hi-low trend a number of ways. Belt it (around the natural waist or pick a thick belt and wear it low slung around your hips), dress it down with flat gladiator sandals, or dress it up with a kitten heels or chunky, platform sandals and a colourful blazer.

Are you petite or vertically challenged? Not to worry, if you’re short you can still rock this trend. You’ll just need to find a dress with a “dip” in the back that isn’t floor length, but rather just past the knees or to the calves. If all else fails, a tailor/seamstress can be a girl’s best friend!

Let’s take a look at a few dresses and see how we can accessorize them. Some common fabrics that hi-low dresses are constructed of include jersey material (t-shirt) and chiffon. Chiffon is more sheer and ethereal and would be better suited for a dressier occasion. However, just like maxi dresses made out of t-shirt material, you could keep the look casual or throw on a few items to make it more appropriate for other, less casual environments (e.g., office, meetings/appointments, dining out, etc.).

As a plus sized woman wearing thin fabrics that drape over your hips, you may feel more comfortable with a cardigan or blazer that is more structured and extends just past your hips. A wide belt that you can wear low will also help distract from wider hips as well.  If you tend to carry more weight right above your knees, concentrate on finding front hems that extend past the knees, exposing strong calves and lovely ankles.

This hi-low orange dress pairs nicely with a spot-on trendy scarf belt. Pair with platform shooties for a night out on the town. Although the blue hi-low dress is casual, you can jazz it up with a funky necklace and gladiators with a metallic strap. And lastly, florals are hot right now. Why not incorporate several trends in one outfit? Pair a beautiful structured blazer with napkin-fold lapels and colour-blocked strappies with your floral dress for a look that can go from office to cocktail hour!

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